Travis CI Community Survey Results 2018 - Part 2 of 3

Interested in knowing what trends we found in the Travis CI Community Survey? Keep reading to learn about the most popular deployment targets, common sources of troubleshooting information and your feedback on the Travis CI UI/UX.

In the first part of this blog post, you can find information on the most popular programming languages and platforms.

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Let’s look at deployment targets: where do you all deploy to? With many options built-in and custom script options available, we were curious to see how you all made use of deployments.

Private projects & deployment

Most of you testing private projects deploy to container registries (54%), or object stores (40%). Options like platform as a service, static site hosting, servers and package managers are popular too (over 20% for each). Take a look at the chart below for a detailed overview.


Open source projects & deployment

Looking at the open source side, we see some differences. Deploying to static site hosting and package managers are far more common!


Finding the right information

When running into an issue, most of you find your own solution. That usually comes down to either using a search engine, or heading straight over to our documentation.

When some additional help is needed, most of you go to public forums, like Stack Overflow. Some of you also go to our new Travis CI Community Forum to ask for help!

User experience

One thing we heard over and over in your survey responses: simplicity is key, and we do simplicity well. Where we are seeing most constructive feedback is in regards to making the things that aren’t simple, well, simpler.

Your feedback has highlighted some areas that you feel could use some more polish: performance, locating errors, and sometimes unclear navigation. Also, a dark theme was often requested. We’re looking forward to making improvements while keeping these items in mind.

Next week: feature adoption.

Be on the lookout for our next blog post with more insights into the Travis CI community: in particular, which Travis CI features are used most.

Thank you for all your feedback and support in bringing the Travis CI Community Survey to life.

See you in the Community Forum to discuss the results in more detail.