Get Travis CI Merchandise in the New Online Store

You have been asking us where to get Travis CI merch for a long time. As a distributed team, it’s been challenging for us to respond to your swag requests properly. We’re ready to share that we opened a Travis CI Online Store to get you your favorite t-shirts and stickers quickly. 🎉

Go to to order Travis CI t-shirts & stickers!

Travis CI Store

We’re happy to announce that all profits from running the store go to the Travis Foundation. Every time you buy a t-shirt or sticker pack, it will go to a good cause - helping the Travis Foundation run projects like Diversity Tickets and Rails Girls Summer of Code.

Representation matters

Diversity and inclusion in tech are incredibly important to us at Travis CI and we try to reflect our commitment to D&I in the merchandise that we create. Apart from the traditional Travis mascot we also created Tessa. Representation matters and that’s why our mascots come in different skin tones and genders.

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see your messages about how it impacts your experience in the tech industry.

Travis CI Merchandise

Read the full Twitter thread here.

How can we support you?

  • Are you speaking about Travis CI at a conference?
  • Writing an interesting blog post that others can learn from?
  • Using Travis CI in an interesting and unexpected way?

Let us know! We’d love to promote it within the community and share Travis CI merchandise with you as a “thank you”.

Help us improve the store

Do you have any suggestions on how the store can be improved? Let us know in the Community Forum. Are you having trouble with an order? Drop us an email.