We’ll be at ArmDevSummit 2020!

ArmDevSummit and Travis CI logos

Following hot on the heels of the exciting announcement of our support the lightning-fast AWS Graviton2, we’re super excited to share with you that we’ll be presenting at the upcoming Arm DevSummit 2020, where myself and Montana will be showing off how easy it is to get set up with Travis CI, Arm and Graviton2 - and you’ll see just how fast builds are using this configuration!

The session is aimed at a range of skill levels, so we’ll start with some of the basics of DevOps and continuous integration - something hopefully familiar to you - and then move onto a more practical demonstration of setting up an Arm project with Travis CI, identifying common build issues and how to fix them, before ultimately getting to the best bit - including Graviton2 in the build and seeing just how it stacks up against the previous config!

Be sure to register your spot at the summit, as soon as possible to avoid missing out - there are so many great workshops and sessions to attend (not just ours!), and of course, there’s an impressive lineup of keynote speakers.

See you there!

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