Pricing Enhancements at Travis CI


In November 2020 we unveiled usage-based pricing whereby customers only pay for the builds they run without any queueing. This change was all about giving customers more control over when and how they run builds. After one year of learnings under our belt, we are now pleased to announce pricing enhancements that we believe will bring greater clarity and an improved experience to our customers.

There are two primary enhancements we are announcing: Subscription-Based Pricing for Usage Plans and Credit Payment for User Licenses.

Subscription-Based Usage Plans

Currently, usage-based customers at Travis CI must decide how many credits they wish to purchase at a point in time, after which they use those credits to run builds until they run out. The problem is that this creates an irregular billing cycle (particularly with monthly customers), and it requires customers to continuously re-estimate the number of credits they need.

The solution is to offer credits as part of a subscription combined with the ability to auto-refill credits. (Note: Auto-refill is only available to auto-pay customers on Travis CI Core plans.)

How will this work?

All usage-based, auto-billed customers will be able to select either an annual or monthly subscription that grants them a set amount of credits at the start of each billing cycle for a set price. They can then use credits to run builds as they wish throughout their subscription period.

For customers that pay manually via a custom Travis CI Enterprise cloud subscription, our Sales and Renewals teams will be able to help you determine the appropriate amount of credits to purchase up front, as well as what subsequent renewals will look like.

What will the new plans cost?

Customers on Travis CI have the ability to choose from the following pricing tiers. For plans over $300 per month, customers may contact Travis CI sales ( to discuss custom pricing.

Monthly Plans Pricing   Annual Plans Pricing
Credits Price per Month   Credits Price per Year
50k $30   600k $330
100k $60   1,200k $660
200k $120   2,400k $1,320
300k $180   3,600k $1,980
400k $240   4,800k $2,640
500k $300   6,000k $3,300

What if I run out of credits?

If a customer runs out of credits, there are two actions that can be taken: enabling auto-refill (available to auto-pay customers), or increasing the subscription size.

Auto-pay customers (those who have Travis CI Core plans) can enable the auto-refill feature at any time. New customers will have the feature enabled by default, while existing customers will need to enable it themselves. To enable auto-refill, go to: Settings -> Plan tab -> scroll down to the Credits section -> Credits tab. The auto-refill feature is available to all auto-pay customers that provide their credit card information and enroll in a usage-based plan or purchase credit add-ons under a concurrency plan. This feature is not available to Free Plan or custom Travis CI Enterprise cloud users. For more details about how auto-refill works in your usage-based or concurrency-based plan, please read our documentation.

If the amount of credits is quickly exhausted, it may mean that the chosen plan is not sufficient for the customer’s needs. To increase the pool of credits you need to increase the subscription size, go to Settings -> Plan tab -> Plan information section -> Change plan.

What if I do not use all of my credits?

When your subscription comes up for renewal, and you still have unused credits remaining, these unused credits will be carried over to the renewed subscription.

Pay for User Licenses with Credits under Usage Plans

Currently, Travis CI customers on usage plans prepay for the number of user licenses they need for each period – this decision to purchase user licenses is currently separate from deciding how many credits to purchase for running builds. Going forward, both user licenses and build minutes will be purchased with credits.

How will this work?

The standard cost per user license per month is 25,000 credits (cost before any discounts). This amount of credits will be deducted once from the customer account for each unique user that triggers a build during a calendar month. The user licenses will reset at midnight GMT on the first day of each calendar month. Should builders run through their credits, they will have the ability to turn on the auto-refill feature (for auto-payment customers on Travis CI Core plans) or subscribe to a higher credit plan. Alternatively, if there are credits remaining upon renewal, these are carried over to the renewed subscription.

What about concurrency-based plans?

Following the pricing changes in November 2020, we continued providing plans with 1-5 concurrency. However, concurrency-based plans will no longer be offered to new customers starting December 13, 2021.

What if I currently have a concurrency-based plan?

If you have an account with 1-5 concurrency, simply make sure your account is active before December 13, 2021, and continue using Travis CI for a flat payment for unlimited builds and unlimited user licenses. However, if you downgrade to a Free Plan and want to upgrade again at a later date, you will only be able to sign up for a usage-based plan.

What if I have an on-premise Travis CI Enterprise plan?

If you only use Travis CI Enterprise (the on-premise version of Travis CI), then these changes will not impact you.

When will the new pricing changes be released?

We expect all changes to take effect on December 13, 2021.

Conclusion / Questions

We are excited to continue improving while we remain committed to providing the simplest and most trusted CI/CD solution in the market. As always, if you have any questions, please email for help.

Happy building, The Travis CI Team!