Montana Mendy attends Droidcon 2022

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Hey folks, Droidcon 2022 is wrapped up and now it’s to share all the resources I provided the people who attended my keynote! First I’d like to thank the people who were genuinely in this integration and how to do it. This keynote seemed to clear a lot of questions up.

The Talk

I explained how to Run Android emulators on Travis CI using Arm ABI’s, build tools, and a bigger VM (2x-large). Let’s start of things you need, here’s the official GitHub repository I put together.

Things I used

  • Jammy
  • Gradle
  • OracleJDK
  • Bash
  • Arm ABI’s
  • Build tools (22-30)
  • VM (2x Large)


NB: This photo was snapped 20 minutes before my keynote started.


Overall there was about 7-8 QA questions which were really great questions, some of them dealt with Gradle and the compilation process there, so I’m hoping later in the week Droidcon has the video posted and we can share it with you here on Travis CI.

Thank you for having me again Droidcon 2022 for the 2nd year. As always, if you have any questions, please email me for help/and or if you need assistance with this tutorial.

Happy building!