Changes in after_script behavior

TL;DR We’re changing the after_script command to run regardless of the test result, previously it was run only on success.

What exactly will change?

Previously, if you specified after_script commands they were run right after the script commands (i.e. your test suite) and only if the script commands were successful (ie. returned 0). This made it virtually the same as the after_success command. Futhermore, there was no way to run commands both on success and failure without specifying them twice in the success and failure stages.

In order to simplify things, we changed after_script to run at the very end, i.e. after the after_success and after_failure stages. after_script will be run no matter what was returned from the previous commands. We will also export a TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT env variable, which contain the test result returned from running the tests in script.

When will the change be deployed?

We plan to deploy this change early next week.

How to fix my .travis.yml?

If commands that you execute in the after_script stage do care about the result of your tests and are not required to be run before after_success command, you probably don’t need to change anything and your tests should run just fine.

If you rely on the fact that a failure in the after_script phase, fails the entire test, you should move, you should move such commands to the script phase.

For example, the following:

  - rake
  - build_something_important

should be changed to:

  - rake
  - build_something_important

If you don’t want for those commands to fail the test then move them to the after_success phase.