Arm architecture adoption grows multi-fold on Travis CI

Back in October 2019, we announced multi-CPU support enabling you to build and test open-source projects for free for Arm CPU architectures. The service is made available to the public hosted by Packet’s (an Equinix company) cloud infrastructure based on the Arm Neoverse platform.

Since that announcement, we saw incredible adoption of Arm architecture by the Travis CI community. With over 420 active developers and more joining every month, we have over 218,000 build jobs triggered and over 2.1 million build minutes logged in just under 6 months. Truly, the developers love Arm-based builds and we are happy to support the community.

There are many prominent open-source projects using Arm architecture with Travis CI and they continue to flourish. OpenSSL and FluentBit were the first projects to be ported for AArch64, and we can see many more notable projects being enabled regularly for AArch64 such as Apache Httpd, Apache Tomcat, QEMU, syslog-ng, ISA-L, OvS, Ruby and Go-Delve.

Over the coming months, we will explore some of the projects in detail with more information about the developers and their goals for the respective projects. Stay tuned!

What’s next?

Last month, Arm announced major updates to the Neoverse Developer Program and we’re excited to be a part of the launch. The program enables developers to access resources and communication channels with Arm partners and experts to facilitate their developments and deployments of applications for cloud-native environments with Arm solutions.

Builders looking to find out more about using Arm architecture with Travis CI should check out the developer page here!

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