Clone or Import functionality

Here at Travis CI we value security first and foremost, and so we are excited to announce the new Clone or Import setting you can use for a specific repository, that provides you with more control and safety over your builds!

What is Clone or Import?

With Clone or Import, you have the ability to allow a specific repository to be accessible to another repository. The “ON” setting will make files from a repository to be used in builds on other repositories in case it might be needed to pull down additional private dependencies. You can find this new setting on the Repository settings page.


Since the feature being introduced, the default value is set to “OFF”. In this case, no information from the repository is shared. Therefore, it’s possible that some builds that are currently using private dependencies between repositories could fail. If you want to avoid this situation when all of your repositories stop sharing dependencies, please go to the “repository settings” Tab and explicitly set Clone or Import to “ON”. In this case, your builds keep running as usual!