• Travis CI Enterprise Operations Manual

    Over time we have loved the opportunity to help and learn from our amazing Travis CI Enterprise customers. Not only have we seen many different approaches to how you manage your Travis CI Enterprise installation, but also how you troubleshoot problems. An interesting thing we have learned is, that many of you have special documentation in place, for guiding when things go wrong. Usually this documentation is referred to as operations manual.


  • New update schedule for Linux build images

    Starting December 11, we start supporting a new set of group attributes for selecting build images, and the existing ones will be deprecated. By default, the value will be travis_lts which means that you won’t see any drastic changes to your current projects. If you’re looking for more frequent, regular updates, travis_latest will be available.


  • Continuous Testing of Ansible Roles with Docker and Travis CI

    Ansible and Docker

    Ansible is one of the de facto standards for IT automation, and this automation is an essential component of modernization and digital transformation. Today, we’ll see how to automate this testing using Travis CI and Docker.