• Combining The Linux Infrastructures

    We’re excited to announce a project that we’ve been working on for quite some time: Over the next three months, we will be combining our two Linux infrastructures into a single platform.

    This is a big user experience improvement, making it easier to setup and maintain projects on Travis CI. In particular, it will simplify setup for folks new to Travis CI, who have to make a decision based on the finer points of containers vs. virtual machines. We would like our platform to be as accessible as possible to all users, and see a combined Linux infrastructure as an important step in that direction.

    Going forward, we will slowly transition the container-based environment out, in favor of a build environment that is entirely virtual machine-based. Folks using container-based infrastructures will be the only ones affected, and this transition will roll out slowly, depending on whether you specify sudo: false in your .travis.yml. Repositories created before January 2015 are also already routed to the virtual machine-based infrastructure (if you don’t specify sudo: false). If you’re currently using the virtual machine-based Linux infrastructure (or run your own Travis CI Enterprise installation), this change will not affect your projects.


  • Build VMs boot failure on the sudo-enabled infrastructure: incident postmortem

    On Monday, September 10 our sudo-enabled infrastructure experienced an outage which caused delays or even prevented new build VMs from being created. This lasted approximately three hours and affected both public and private repositories. It had no impact, however, on jobs running in our container-based infrastructure or macOS jobs.


  • Deprecating GitHub commit status API updates for GitHub Apps-managed repositories

    As part of our gradual migration to GitHub Apps for our GitHub integration, we’re formally deprecating GitHub Commit Status API updates for repositories on travis-ci.com managed by GitHub Apps. Instead, these repositories will have status updates reported to the GitHub Check Runs API. We will no longer deliver GitHub Commit Status API updates for repositories managed by GitHub Apps starting October 4th, 2018.

    Your workflow will most likely be impacted only if it relies on either GitHub Protected Branches or custom automations dependent on the GitHub Commit Status API.