• Upcoming Required Linux Infrastructure Migration

    To improve and simplify the experience using Linux builds on Travis CI, we are combining our two Linux infrastructures into a single virtual-machine-based platform. You may have seen a blog post about this several weeks ago. Today, we want to provide an update on what’s currently happening and what to expect next.

    While the migration process is already underway, we’re fast approaching the milestone when the container-based sudo: false environment will no longer be available. Because this may impact active projects, we wanted to share further details on the timeline and remind everyone still using the container-based infrastructure that it’s definitely time to switch to more powerful, Docker-enabled) virtual-machines.


  • Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 is available!

    We’re super pleased to announce that Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 images, dist: xenial, are now ready for a wider audience. Keep reading below to see how to use Xenial, what’s new in it, what’s changing from our Trusty environment and where to give feedback.


  • Join the conversation on the Travis CI Community Forum

    Today, we’re officially announcing the Community Forum that connects our amazing community members from all across the world. We’re so excited to see engaging discussions happen in a dedicated space. Join the conversation!