• The Cookbook: with Bash


    Many projects on GitHub use Travis to automatically execute certain scripts on every build. Among these many scripts, there is one that’s definitely the most well known, it’s called Bash. Automate your shell commands, add env vars, and increase your workflow, plus the endless of other things you can do with Bash given it’s flexibility. At the crux – Bash on more occasions than not are crucial to Travis CI builds.


  • Travis CI Pipelines: Anchore Policy Enforcement using Travis CI


    The Anchore Engine is an open-source project that provides a centralized service for inspection, analysis, and certification of container images. The Anchore Engine is provided as a Docker container image that can be run standalone or within an orchestration platform such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Rancher, Amazon ECS, and other container orchestration platforms.


  • The Cookbook: Getting started with R


    Some of the most downloaded R packages are built on Travis CI. In this cookbook, you’ll see how easy it just is to setup Travis CI in an existing R project.


  • A Short Journey into Source Control Branching and Release Patterns


    Git is a transformational technology. It’s the foundation of most of the source code management (SCM) services used today. Git’s branching, forking and merge capabilities provide developers with the freedom to work with a high degree of independence while allowing companies to control the quality of the code that makes its way into production.


  • Open Source at Travis CI - An Update

    We’ve recently had a lot of feedback and questions from the Travis CI community and beyond about the future of open source at Travis CI, following our recent announcement about how we are tackling accounts that are taking valuable resources away from your builds.


  • The Cookbook with Docker


    Let’s learn how to Dockerize your Python application in Travis CI, while deploying it to AWS so that it can be accessible to anyone on the planet.


  • How Docker Rate Limits Could Affect Your Builds

    As you might be aware, Docker recently announced that they will be actively limiting rates for free and anonymous users in an effort to make Docker, as an organisation, as sustainable as possible. This means that free Docker users requiring an increase to rate limits will need to upgrade their account to a Docker Pro or Team subscription.

    As you can probably guess, this could have a direct effect for Travis CI users that are integrating Docker into their builds you are using Docker with a free account. To make sure that these changes do not affect your builds, we recommend reviewing your current Docker account and ensure your rate limits will allow your Travis CI builds to function without interruption.


  • Live Webinar - 17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git!

    17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git

    We’re pleased to announce that our friends at Git Tower are hosting a fantastic webinar on behalf of Travis CI, focusing on how to really tap into the underlying power of Git and help to get out of hot water if and when you need to - looking at rolling back, reverting and undoing any mistakes.


  • Visit Travis CI at DroidCon Americas 2020!

  • Encrypting Sensitive Data Using the Travis CLI Tool

    The Travis CI Cookbook - Encrypting Sensitive Data Using the Travis CLI

    Encrypting Sensitive Data Using the Travis CLI Tool

    Protecting sensitive data is an essential aspect of the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process. Leaving security tokens, passwords and other types of secret information exposed to malicious parties is always a security risk.

    Fortunately, Travis CI has a command-line interface (CLI) tool that makes encrypting sensitive data for use in the CI/CD process reasonably straightforward.