• Travis CI Insights: better build metrics

    We are happy to announce Insights for your builds. Insights will bring you more intuitive display of how you and your team use Travis CI.

    Development is often data-driven, and your CI should be no exception to that. Starting today, you will get more information about your Travis CI usage, from wait times to overall build status results.


  • Travis CI Community Survey Results 2018 - Part 3 of 3

    It’s time for the final part of the Travis CI Community Survey results. Check out part 1 and part 2 of the blog posts to learn about the most common languages, platforms, deployment targets and more. Today, we’ll be going over popular features and the improvements you requested.


  • Xcode 10.2 GM is now available!

    Hey folks! We’ve just launched an Xcode 10.2 GM (Build 10E125) build environment!

    Add the following to your .travis.yml to use Xcode 10.2:

    osx_image: xcode10.2

    Xcode 10.2 builds are the first ones running macOS Mojave!.

    If you were using the Xcode 10.2 beta image before, you will automatically start using the GM image now. No change to your configuration is needed.