• Upcoming Required Linux Infrastructure Migration

    To improve and simplify the experience using Linux builds on Travis CI, we are combining our two Linux infrastructures into a single virtual-machine-based platform. You may have seen a blog post about this several weeks ago. Today, we want to provide an update on what’s currently happening and what to expect next.

    While the migration process is already underway, we’re fast approaching the milestone when the container-based sudo: false environment will no longer be available. Because this may impact active projects, we wanted to share further details on the timeline and remind everyone still using the container-based infrastructure that it’s definitely time to switch to more powerful, Docker-enabled) virtual-machines.


  • Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 is available!

    We’re super pleased to announce that Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 images, dist: xenial, are now ready for a wider audience. Keep reading below to see how to use Xenial, what’s new in it, what’s changing from our Trusty environment and where to give feedback.


  • Join the conversation on the Travis CI Community Forum

    Today, we’re officially announcing the Community Forum that connects our amazing community members from all across the world. We’re so excited to see engaging discussions happen in a dedicated space. Join the conversation!


  • Xcode 10.1 is now available!

    Hey folks! We’ve just launched our Xcode 10.1 (Build 10B61) image!

    Be sure to check out our summary of supported Xcode versions for quick reference on the Xcode and macOS versions we have available.

    Simply add the following to your .travis.yml to use the Xcode 10.0 image:

    osx_image: xcode10.1


  • Travis CI <3 Honeycomb

    At Travis CI, we run over 3 million builds per week across three cloud providers with vastly different operating systems and execution environments. Debugging a customer’s build, investigating a service degradation or outage, or prioritizing our engineering work was difficult without explorable data.

    I’d like to share how Honeycomb has changed the way we operate Travis CI.


  • Personalizing your CI experience

    Today we are excited to release two great features aimed at helping you personalize your experience when using Travis CI: the user dashboard, and build email settings.


  • Supporting schools with GitHub Education

    Travis CI is building a better, more supportive software engineering world through outreach and education. This is the mandate for the Travis Foundation, which supports conferences, diversity tickets, and organizations such as Rails Girls Summer of Code. And this is the reason that we joined GitHub for their Student Developer Pack as one of the early partners.

    Now, we’re taking another step in helping learners and teachers. Starting in January 2019, schools participating in GitHub Education will have access to Travis CI Enterprise at no additional cost.

    This means teachers will be able to save time by implementing CI for their classes and students will be able to get real-time feedback, helping them improve their code as they learn.

    We’re proud to provide Travis CI Enterprise to schools of all shapes and sizes. As engineers ourselves, we know that it’s important to use industry-standard, professional tools as we learn. We’re looking forward to sharing Travis CI with the education community for this reason.

    Apply for GitHub Education at your school to get started with Travis CI for Education!


  • Windows is Available (Early Release)

    We’re proud to announce that, starting today, Travis CI supports the Windows operating system! You and your team can now run your tests on Linux, Mac, and Windows - all in the same build.

    Windows is available right now to everyone with open-source and private projects on either travis-ci.org or travis-ci.com, with plans to bring it to Enterprise soon. This is our very first full approach to Windows-support, so the tooling is light - and we want your feedback on our community forum. Come get started!


  • Attending GitHub Universe in San Francisco next week?

    The one conference we never miss is GitHub Universe in San Francisco, and it’s happening in less than a week! Are you attending? A bunch of us, Travis CI Builders, will be there to meet you all during the whole conference. Stop by our lounge anytime to chat with us - we’d love to hear from you!


  • Combining The Linux Infrastructures

    We’re excited to announce a project that we’ve been working on for quite some time: Over the next three months, we will be combining our two Linux infrastructures into a single platform.

    This is a big user experience improvement, making it easier to setup and maintain projects on Travis CI. In particular, it will simplify setup for folks new to Travis CI, who have to make a decision based on the finer points of containers vs. virtual machines. We would like our platform to be as accessible as possible to all users, and see a combined Linux infrastructure as an important step in that direction.

    Going forward, we will slowly transition the container-based environment out, in favor of a build environment that is entirely virtual machine-based. Folks using container-based infrastructures will be the only ones affected, and this transition will roll out slowly, depending on whether you specify sudo: false in your .travis.yml. Repositories created before January 2015 are also already routed to the virtual machine-based infrastructure (if you don’t specify sudo: false). If you’re currently using the virtual machine-based Linux infrastructure (or run your own Travis CI Enterprise installation), this change will not affect your projects.