• Xcode 10.1 is now available!

    Hey folks! We’ve just launched our Xcode 10.1 (Build 10B61) image!

    Be sure to check out our summary of supported Xcode versions for quick reference on the Xcode and macOS versions we have available.

    Simply add the following to your .travis.yml to use the Xcode 10.0 image:

    osx_image: xcode10.1


  • Travis CI <3 Honeycomb

    At Travis CI, we run over 3 million builds per week across three cloud providers with vastly different operating systems and execution environments. Debugging a customer’s build, investigating a service degradation or outage, or prioritizing our engineering work was difficult without explorable data.

    I’d like to share how Honeycomb has changed the way we operate Travis CI.


  • Personalizing your CI experience

    Today we are excited to release two great features aimed at helping you personalize your experience when using Travis CI: the user dashboard, and build email settings.