Test your R applications on Travis CI, stat!

Hiro Asari's Gravatar Hiro Asari,

The Travis CI team is pleased to announce the availability of the new community-supported language, R.


R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

The support is brought to you by Craig Citro, the author of the popular R+Travis application template that allows R users to convince Travis CI to build R applications.

R users can now set language: r to join the Travis CI party!

If you are already using R+Travis, be sure to check out the porting guide for migrating to the new R testing scheme.

Dirk Eddelbuettel and Hadley Wickham join Craig in providing the community support. Thank you!

You can find out more about testing R software on our documentation.

Happy testing!

Lisa joins the Travis CI Team

Mathias Meyer's Gravatar Mathias Meyer,

The thrill of announcements doesn't stop today!

We're excited to announce to the world that Lisa Passing has joined our team and is going to help us to create a better user experience. She's already been busy revamping our CSS and reworking our frontend (spoiler, great stuff coming soon!).

Outside of learning new JavaScript frameworks, she enjoys sleeping, which she can do pretty much anywhere, whether it be a bus, on a plane, a boat, or our office couch.

She's played every game in the Final Fantasy series except for 11 and once had a four hour argument with a friend on why the original Alien movie is better than the sequels. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Completely unrelated to this, Lisa was once dared to drink an entire liter of milk, which she did. If this reminds you of Joey on Friends, that's because Lisa was his inspiration.

You should follow Lisa on the Twitters.

Welcome, Lisa!

Anja and Carla Join the Travis CI Team

Mathias Meyer's Gravatar Mathias Meyer,

Today we're happy to announce that Anja and Carla have joined our team.

Both have participated in the first RailsGirls Summer of Code back in 2013, where they worked on Sinatra and a project to visualize EU farm subsidy data for the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Anja and her family live in Berlin. She loves science fiction books and working on Speakerinnen in her free time, a platform that helps conferences find female speakers and moderators.

Anja is a regular at Chaos Communication Congress, Chaos Communication Camp and the local hackspace C-Base. You can follow her on Twitter.

Carla hails from Australia, has Italian ancestry, and is currently residing in Berlin. She enjoys taking photos with film cameras (you should follow her on Flickr and Instagram, and Twitter too).

She used to make short films, one of them was screened at the MoMA in New York. Her favourite Berlin blog is ...then we take Berlin and her favourite Berlin bear is Hungover Bear.

We're thrilled to welcome both of them to our team. Over the past weeks they've been busy improving the performance of our API and worked on making our internal support tooling better, faster and easier to use.

Both of them work from our office in Berlin, so next time you come by, give them a high five!