• Travis Beginner Cookbooks

    We’ve been hard at work collaborating on a new set of instructions to help you grow as a new developer! We understand that not everyone knows what cookbooks are and how to use them to improve your build. We wanted to help facilitate that journey for you and build our own instructional manuals! We know how much you’ve loved our other instructions videos and documentation so this felt like the perfect next step!


  • Clone or Import functionality

    Here at Travis CI we value security first and foremost, and so we are excited to announce the new Clone or Import setting you can use for a specific repository, that provides you with more control and safety over your builds!


  • AWS Graviton2 support comes to Travis CI

    We’re excited to announce that an upcoming addition to the Travis CI family of multi-architecture support will be the AWS Graviton2 processor!

    We’ve been working closely with AWS in order to put together working test platforms that build with the AWS Graviton2 processor in an Arm64 environment. We’re really thrilled to say that our awesome developers have completed some preliminary work to get this up and running on our internal testing platforms and it looks amazing!

    Thanks to this partnership, Arm-based builds using the AWS Graviton2 processor will be coming to a configuration file near you soon!


  • Arm architecture adoption grows multi-fold on Travis CI

    Back in October 2019, we announced multi-CPU support enabling you to build and test open-source projects for free for Arm CPU architectures. The service is made available to the public hosted by Packet’s (an Equinix company) cloud infrastructure based on the Arm Neoverse platform.

    Since that announcement, we saw incredible adoption of Arm architecture by the Travis CI community. With over 420 active developers and more joining every month, we have over 218,000 build jobs triggered and over 2.1 million build minutes logged in just under 6 months. Truly, the developers love Arm-based builds and we are happy to support the community.


  • Displaying Shared Repositories in the Travis CI UI

    We are happy to announce the new displaying of Shared repositories for your builds.

    If you share one of your GitHub or Bitbucket repositories with another user or someone has added you as a contributor to their repository, you will now be visually notified in Travis CI that the repository you are building is shared! This applies to any view in Travis CI where the repository is listed.

    As an example, take a look at the Repositories under the Settings for the travis-ci user:


  • Database Maintenance on Saturday, 11th of April 2020

    On Saturday, April 11th travis-ci.com will be down for planned maintenance for around 9 hours starting at 4 am UTC+0. We will be performing some necessary large database maintenance on the platform. travis-ci.org remains fully operational during that time.


  • Travis CI and Bitbucket integration

    At Travis CI, keeping pace with the ever-changing developer landscape is key to ensuring you have all the tools required to make your projects a success using Travis CI as your continuous integration platform.


  • Database Maintenance on Saturday, 21st of March 2020

    On Saturday, March 21st travis-ci.org will be down for planned maintenance for about 8 hours starting at 4 am UTC and ending by 12 pm UTC. We will be performing some necessary large database maintenance on the platform. travis-ci.com remains fully operational during that time.


  • More performant Builds on Travis CI

    Hopefully, 2020 has started well for you! With the new year, new challenges arise in software development: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, just to name a few. What do all of these have in common? Working in these areas requires a lot more resources during development, testing, and production.

    As a developer, you’re on top of it to deliver products that are enhanced with new technologies to deliver more value to your users and customers. With the increasing number of new technologies becoming an integral part of your applications, you also need to make sure that they’re well tested and behave as expected.

    We’re now providing larger instance types on travis-ci.com so that you can leverage the additional computing power to also incorporate more elaborate testing scenarios in your testing workflow.

    Does that sound interesting to you? Get in touch with us via sales@travis-ci.com and we’ll get you set up with a trial right away.


  • Database Maintenance on Saturday, 1st of February 2020

    On Saturday, February 1st, travis-ci.com will be down for planned maintenance for around 2 hours, starting at 1 pm UTC and ending by 3 pm UTC. We will be performing some necessary database maintenance on the platform.