• Using AWS Mock Credentials for your unit tests in Travis

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    Sometimes you want to run unit tests that require credentials to AWS, you may not have those off hand, or may just want to run the unit tests in question without AWS. This allows you to run mock credentials for key AWS functionalities, let’s see how we can set this up in Travis.


  • nyc and Istanbul Integration with Travis

    Using nyc and Travis together

    nyc is a command line tool for instrumenting code with Istanbul coverage (the successor to the istanbul command line tool). Let’s see how we can’t integrate nyc into our build and try it out!


  • Travis CI and Regula

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    Regula checks infrastructure as code templates (Terraform, CloudFormation, k8s manifests) for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes security and compliance using Open Policy, let’s dig in a bit deeper and see how we can make this integrate with Travis CI.


  • Auto publish your data using Travis

    TCI-Graphics for AdsBlogs

    What if our goal is to on every commit is to trigger a publishing to ‘master’ branch or another base branch?


  • SECURITY BULLETIN; Customer repositories have NOT been accessed

    On April 15, 2022, Travis CI personnel were informed that certain private customer repositories may have been accessed by an individual who used a man-in-the-middle 2FA attack, leveraging a third-party integration token. Immediately upon learning this information, Travis CI immediately revoked all authorization keys and tokens preventing any further access to our systems. No customer data was exposed and no further access was possible.

    Upon further review that same day, Travis CI personnel learned that the hacker breached a Heroku service and accessed a private application OAuth key used to integrate the Heroku and Travis CI application. This key does not provide access to any Travis CI customer repositories or any Travis CI customer data. We thoroughly investigated this issue and found no evidence of intrusion into a private customer repository (i.e. source code) as the OAuth key stolen in the Heroku attack does not provide that type of access. Based on what we have found, we do not believe this is an issue or risk to our customers.

    Given the data we had and out of an abundance of caution, Travis CI revoked and reissued all private customer auth keys and tokens integrating Travis CI with GitHub to ensure no customer data is compromised.

    Please contact Travis CI customer support with any questions or concerns. We will continue to review and monitor.


  • The Simple Java Build with Travis CI and Spring Boot

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    In this post, I’ll show you how simple it can be to build a Java project on Travis CI whilst using Spring Boot, it’s quick, easy, and efficient. Let’s get into it.


  • Travis CI will be at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco March 21-25


    Travis CI will be at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, March 21-25. Come say hi, I’ll be there to talk about some of the upcoming exciting integrations Travis CI is working on. If you have any questions before the conference please email me at montana@travis-ci.org.

    Happy building!


  • Paralleling Code Coverage using Coveralls and Travis

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    Hello Builders! So, let’s say you have multiple environments you want to have coverage on, how exactly would you accomplish that? In this entry - you’ll figure out how to do just that and more.


  • Return of 1, 2, and 5 Concurrency Pricing!

  • Repository settings for sharing encrypted variables and SSH keys (Git Forks)