Welcome Curtis!

Lisa Passing,

I'm happy to announce that Curtis Ekstrom is joining the Travis CI team!

He will put his Ember skills to good use helping our product team develop new and exciting features.

Curtis was born in the Pacific NW but has been living in Germany for almost ten years. Before he started programming he worked as cashier, walked through potato fields with rattlesnakes so people could have better potato chips (potato roguing), ran a little food court by himself, did road construction and renovated a house.

Curtis and daughter

Being really into sports, Curtis played in the Bambino World Series when he was 12 (Baseball is the sport) and is still into snowboarding and hiking.

On the nerd side he does enjoy the occasional online multiplayer game, open source software and coding Ember and Elixir in his side projects.

You can follow Curtis as clekstro on Twitter and Github.

Recent Xcode 7.3 Performance regressions

Brandon Burton,

We recently discovered some changes that have resulted in many of you experiencing a regression in the performance of your builds that use our xcode7.3 OS X build environment image. I wanted to share with you why this performance decrease occurred.

After reports from multiple users about an increase in their build times under Xcode 7.3, we investigated and we discovered that the Xcode 7.3 GA release image we published on March 24th was accidentally published with four virtual cores, which is not the correct value we intended to have, based on our current OS X infrastructure.

Since we rolled out a new and improved OS X infrastructure last year, we've provided OS X virtual machines with one virtual core and 4GB of RAM. However, when we published an update to our Xcode 7.3 image with xctool 0.2.9 on Apr 19 at 19:15 PST, this new image was correctly setup with one virtual core. This resulted in a performance regression for any users of the 7.3 image.

I am sorry for the confusion this has resulted in. We are aware that providing more cores is very beneficial to performance, especially with the recent Xcode 7.x releases. However, the infrastructure costs of our OS X virtual machines is significantly more than similar sized Linux virtual machines, so adding more capacity to support increasing the base size of the OS X virtual machines is something we're still in the research and testing phase on. We hope to have more news on the future of this in Q3 of 2016.

If you have any further questions about this, please email

Welcome Buck!

Lisa Passing,

A dramatic downpour in Winnipeg, August 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Buck is joining our team! He will use his Ember super powers to help drive product development at Travis.

Buck taught himself programming on a Franklin Ace 1200 from a book on BASIC. He uses his knowledge and tech skills to support people. Once, he organised a tri-city urban exploration puzzle-solving adventure for 100 people interacting in person and over a telephone chat line. He is passionate about Indigenous resurgence movements, solidarity between struggles, and he supports a diversity of tactics.

Plus, he is a world traveller who survived an 8-day 1600km freight train journey to the polar bear capital of the world… twice!

You can follow him on Twitter @buckdoyle.

Welcome Buck!