• dpl 1.9.0 is coming

    Deployment is a critical component of Travis CI, and it is one of our major goals to ensure that it works well at all times.

    It is carried out with dpl, our deployment tool, written in Ruby, with contributions from our community.

    A major update (version 1.9.0) to dpl is coming soon, and we would like you to help us ensure a smooth transition by testing it before the pubilc release.

    This will affect all our users, on https://travis-ci.org, https://travis-ci.com, and all the Travis Enterprise customers.


  • New Enterprise Build Environments - Ubuntu 14.04, Trusty

    We’re super excited to announce new build environments available for Travis CI Enterprise 🎉 These are the stable images used for Trusty container-based on Travis CI Hosted and are up-to-date with the latest tools and features.


  • Security advisory: Log token allowing access to other endpoints

    In November last year the token issued for displaying job logs on Travis CI was incorrectly valid for two other endpoints. This issue was discovered on Wednesday 14 February, 2018 and fixed the next day. Further investigation into historical data found no successful attempts at fetching non-log endpoints with the log token. This indicates the issue was not exploited in any way.