Staff Picks

Hey, it’s Thursday, and we just had lots of coffee! Time for a new round of links on continuous caffeine, Travis and other interesting things!

7 Ways to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models

Bryan from Code Climate is laying down a few excellent patterns to help you decompose ActiveRecord models that gathered a bit of weight, slowing down your tests, complecting your code base.

In my experience, adding these patterns to your workflow will not only give you a cleaner code base, but it will also help you to get a faster test suite.

NSHipster: Unit Testing

Mattt Thompson, author of AFNetworking has written a great guide on how to get set up testing Objective-C code. He has also included a section on automating test runs, outlining the steps required to get started with Objective-C on Travis CI.

Android Builds on Travis CI with Gradle

Crowd Interactive is continuing their series on doing Android builds and testing on Travis CI, this time with Gradle.

Rails Girls Summer of Code

Travis CI supports the Rails Girls Summer of Code project, which helps to get more women involved with open source. They’re currently collecting donations to make the project happen, you should consider supporting them too!