Redirection from web client to API will be removed soon

Historically Travis’ web interface and Travis API lived on one host: After splitting the API from the frontend we set up a redirect from to in order to make it easier for API users to notice the endpoint change. A redirect happens when the request looks like an API request, which is basically an educated guess. We get it right most of the time, but browser can send an Accept header, which we will classify as API call and in the same manner an API client can send a request which looks like it’s a browser.

We think it’s time to drop the redirect. If you use Travis API and you still use host, thus you rely on redirect, please update your apps to use before Friday, 23rd of August.

This change will not affect status images endpoint (/:owner/:repo.png) nor cc.xml endpoint (/:owner/:repo/cc.xml), they will continue to work as currently.