Abort the Mission: Cancel Running Builds

One of the biggest feature requests we’ve received over the past year (if not longer), and in particular as we’ve increased the runtime we allocate to your builds, is the ability to cancel a build.

Whether you accidentally broke something that you already know has been fixed in later commits, or you want to discard builds that are queued up but that you know will fail, or you have potentially failing builds holding up your build queue.

The great news we have for you today is that you can now cancel these builds.

This feature is available for jobs that are already running and for jobs that are queued up to run.

When you go to a specific job or a build (yup, you can even cancel all jobs of a single build in one go!), you’ll find a new option to cancel the build or the job.

You can do the same from the command line using our travis command line tool.

Needless to say that this feature is instantly available for open source projects and on https://travis-ci.com.

Happy shipping!