Slack Build Notifications

Slack just recently launched to the general public with their team chat system. It has a neat user interface and some unique features as well, but it’s also very hacker-friendly by way of its integration for external services, the API, and the IRC/XMPP bridge.

They even launched with support for Travis CI out of the box, thank you, Slack!

But the previous integration required using webhook URLs rather than utilizing our common format for notifications.

Today we’re more than happy to change that, as Slack are now a built-in part of our notification system.

Getting started requires a new Slack integration for Travis CI.

Once you’ve chosen a room, you’ll get a snippet ready to copy and paste into your .travis.yml.

You can set up multiple notifications to multiple channels too.

We did something new with this integration as well: Slack notifications are sent on pull requests, so your team can stay up-to-date about their build status.

Check our documentation for the full details on how to configure Slack notifications.

Happy shipping!