Travis CI Team offsite retreat - slower support until Sunday

From tomorrow (Thursday, 7th) until Sunday our team is going on a trip together, for the first time ever!

We flew in everyone from New Zealand, the US, Norway - and Potsdam - to meet in Berlin, work out of our favorite coffee bar and attend eurucamp, where we had an amazing time! (We’ll blog more about that soon.)

Now Sven, Justine, Mathias, Piotr, Konstantin, Hiro, Josh, Sarah, Fritz and I (plus two Aeropress and one Chemex) are boarding a bus that takes us into the green, a nice remote place in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany.

We’ll spend some time away from our laptops and some non-remote hours with each other.

Yes, you heard right - away from our laptops. We’ll still take them with us and respond all your support mails in batches, but this will be slower than you are used to from us. We’ll be paddling, barbequeing, cooking and picking some flowers in between so please forgive a somewhat slower support coverage until Sunday.

See you back on full speed support on Monday!