Amanda joins the Travis CI Team

It is a great honor to announce that Amanda (@aquaranto) is a part of the Travis team!

Amanda lives in lovely Buffalo, NY, USA, known for its otherworldly snowfall, Niagara Falls, and close proximity to the mystical land known as Canada.

Amanda has always loved building and tinkering, and boasts a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Her prior work experience includes several disciplines including aerospace and electronics. In the past few years, she taught herself how to program and led a group that worked through Chris Pine’s Learn to Program book.

Among Amanda’s other interests are knitting and conference life. She has been an active yarn crafter for almost 15 years and runs the local knitting/crocheting group in Buffalo. (She’s on Ravelry as aquaranto!) She spoke at the last ever Magic Ruby and loves to attend conferences so much that she and her husband Nick (@qrush) headed up Nickel City Ruby in 2013 and 2014 (2016 NCRC: Language Agnostic Edition coming soon?!?!)

Pro Tip™: Amanda really loves Dr. Who, and has a mini 3D-printed Tardis on her desk (alongside her 3D-printed buffalo).

You’ll no doubt see Amanda in our support chat as aquaranto-travis, in IRC as aquaranto, and as one of the many voices behind the Travis CI Twitters. Be sure to say Hi!