Crystal and Perl 6 join Travis CI

Hiro Asari,

Today, we are excited to announce our newest members of our community-supported languages, Crystal and Perl 6!


Crystal is a programming language that focuses on developer productivity, type safety, and execution performance. It is statically checked and compiles to native (machine) code. It combines global type inference, compile-time macros, compile-time type introspection, automatic union types, and Ruby-like syntax, allowing quick prototyping and generating efficient computer programs. It provides a Garbage Collector, uses LLVM as its backend, and doesn’t run on a Virtual Machine.

Support for Crystal is provided by Ary Borenszweig, Jonne Haß, Juan Wajnerman, and Will Leinweber.

Perl 6

Camelia, the Perl 6 bug

Perl 6 is the next generation in the family of Perl programming languages, and a sister language to the well-established Perl 5. With a release candidate expected in September, and the first release by December, it’s a great time to start testing your Perl 6 programs.

The Perl 6 support is provided by Paul Cochrane, Rob Hoelz, Nick Logan, and Tony O’Dell.

More detailed documentation is available for Crystal and Perl 6.

Happy Testing!

Travis CI Team

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