Travis at Code Conf Nashville

Howdy, folks! We (Josh, Justine and myself that is) are back from Code Conf in Nashville, GitHub’s conference about open source culture and tech.

Code Conf Nashville Logo

The two day conference was packed with diverse talks on a large range of topics. From open source outer space exploration to designing in the open, the spirit of transparency and openess was clearly the front and center of the conference. Other talks covered contributing oss projects, new (web) technologies and apis, licensing and community interaction and management.

Most interesting to me was enthusiasm with which the speakers talked about their work on and in the open. From relatively new companies that started with open source in mind to technology giants that are just discovering new workflows and the joy of giving back to the community.

Our very own Josh gave the opening keynote on Growing an Open Source Business, telling the Travis story and introducing Travis Build Site, our approach to sharing what we’re working on more openly. All while wearing cowboy boots.

Josh wearing cowboy boots

A special treat was the conference after party at the Country Music Hall of Fame that eased us into the city’s rich music scene.

Of course we also ate spicy chicken, drank local Nashville beers, and met a lot of nice people who, together with the talks put lots of ideas into our heads how we can improve Travis for you.