Introducing the Travis CI Enterprise Team

Since its first official release, Travis CI Enterprise has come a long way. We’re currently wrapping up its next major release.

Over the past year, we’ve grown our Enterprise customers, and have grown our Enterprise team, which has contributed to the amazing growth and adoption that our on-premises solution has seen.

I wanted to take a moment and officially introduce our Enterprise team as well as give an overview on what Travis CI Enterprise is, and on what we’re working on at the moment.

The Travis CI Enterprise Team

Danish Khan joined our team in 2015 to lead our sales efforts for Travis CI Enterprise. Before joining Travis CI, he’s worked at GitHub and Engine Yard, deeply involved in their respective sales efforts.

Over the past year, Danish has been building up our Enterprise sales process as well as helping our customers and us to smooth out the sales and on-boarding process with new customers. Danish hails from San Francisco where he enjoys a good cup of tea and is regularly tempted to run customer meetings at the local cat café.

Earlier this year we welcomed Brandon Ferguson to our Enterprise team. He also hails from GitHub’s Enterprise team and is responsible for helping our customers as well as helping us improve the tooling, release processes and general development efforts around Travis CI Enterprise.

Brandon joins us from Amsterdam, where he is deeply embedded in the local food culture, enjoying a hagelslag sandwich at least every other day.

We’re excited to welcome both to our team!

Another key member of our team in the last year have been the amazing folks from Replicated, who’ve helped us streamline installation and management of Travis CI Enterprise.

What is Travis CI Enterprise?

Ever since Travis CI was made available both for open source as well as private projects, we’ve had requests from companies wanting to run it on their infrastructure. We launched our first release of Travis CI Enterprise in December 2014 as a means to run your own Travis CI instance on your own infrastructure, giving you full control in terms of security as well as build resources and infrastructure.

Travis CI Enterprise runs on your infrastructure, whether that’s EC2, OpenStack, VMware or bare metal. It utilises Docker both for packaging and distribution to make installation super-easy.

Working with both and GitHub Enterprise, you can use Travis CI Enterprise in different scenarios:

GitHub Enterprise. The hosted version of Travis CI only supports With Travis CI Enterprise you can reap the whole slew of benefits of using GitHub Enterprise, including security, single sign-on, protected access to resources and so on.

Full control over the (build) infrastructure. Travis CI Enterprise runs best on Amazon EC2, already giving you a level of control that might suit your company’s compliance or infrastructure needs. Even if you’re not running on EC2, you have full control over the infrastructure it’s running on. In addition to that, with Travis CI Enterprise you have more options for making more build resources available to your team. You can create bigger types of virtual machines, offering more cores and more memory.

Bursty build capacity. While our hosted version allows you to scale up your build concurrency pretty much to any kind of need, there may be situation where you need more flexibility in the build resources available to your team. Customers are known to scale up their stacks from 1 EC2 instances to a 100, scaling up build capacity based on demand with Travis CI Enterprise.

We’re hiring!

As part of our product line, Travis CI Enterprise has seen amazing growth over the last year, and it’s growing further.

We’re hiring a customer support engineer to help our growing Enterprise customer base set up, run and optimise their installations, improving our documentation and the tooling around Enterprise. You’ll also be working with the larger development team on any issues our customers might come across.

Head over to our jobs page to apply, we’d love to hear from you!

What’s next for Enterprise?

We’re working on something rather special which we’re looking to make public very soon. Stay tuned! Just as a small teaser, don’t tell anyone, that special something includes a 2.0 in its name.

Got any questions?

Get in touch with us, we’d love to chat about how Travis CI Enterprise can help you and your team build and ship great software!