Get faster results when testing your latest commits with Auto Cancellation

You know those moments where you push some changes to GitHub, only to realize that you spelt something wrong? If you’re like me you probably fix the mistake and push the changes within a minute.

And then, like me, you notice another small issue, most likely another spelling mistake, only to push the changes again, and then once again find one more mistake … So in the span of two minutes you’ve pushed three times and now have a queue of multiple builds where not all the builds are needed.

We are excited to announce Auto Cancellation, a new smart build management feature, which is in public beta today!

What is Auto Cancellation?

With Auto Cancellation, you can automatically cancel waiting builds when new build requests flow in from GitHub, allowing you and your team to get faster results by only testing your most recent build for a branch or pull request.

a repository on the dashboard
The Auto Cancellation Settings

This setting can be enabled for branch and pull request builds separately. Builds will only be cancelled if they are waiting to run, which means that any running jobs and builds will have the opportunity to finish.

You can find this new setting on the Repository settings page today!

And don’t forget, we would love to hear your feedback!

Happy Testing!