Ubuntu Precise 12.04

Last Image Update for Precise 12.04. is out!

Our sudo: required Precise images were updated today!

What’s included in this update?

Before focusing on making Trusty our default image, we’ve made one last round of userland updates and some runtime version updates. You can check the specific updates depending on the language: key you’re using below.


For specific VM changes based on sudo: required language: dist: precise

Please note that the Android image currently remains the same. The default container-based sudo: false dist: precise images also remain the same.

These images were promoted at 1700 UTC and are the new default when using sudo: required in your builds.

Using previous images

The previous default images, are now available when using group: deprecated-2017Q1 in your .travis.ymlfile.

Also, and for those relying in our previous group: deprecated, it will remain available there until June 5th, 2017.

Looking ahead

If you have any questions please drop us a line at support@travis-ci.com.