Welcome Ryn!

We’re very excited to welcome a new team member to our Build Infrastructure team. Please help us welcome Ryn, who joined us recently as a Build Infrastructure Engineer.

A few of the many cool things about Ryn include:

  • They like the color purple, gothy sh*t, cats, and really bad puns - their favorite thing in the world would probably be a purple cat whose favorite band was the Sisters of Meowrcy.
  • They enjoy photography and even sometimes take pictures of things that aren’t cats
  • They got their start in ops/sysadminnery as an 8 year old who tried to “clean up” and “organize” the C:\WINDOWS directory on their parents’ computer (shockingly this did not work).
  • They think they have 18 tattoos, but may or may not have lost count at some point over the past decade.
  • They play violin, cello, a bit of piano and bass, and briefly sang in a metal band called Nekro Atsume.

If you’re so inclined, you can follow them on Twitter.

Welcome to Travis CI, Ryn. We’re very happy to have you here.