dpl 1.9.0 is coming

Deployment is a critical component of Travis CI, and it is one of our major goals to ensure that it works well at all times.

It is carried out with dpl, our deployment tool, written in Ruby, with contributions from our community.

A major update (version 1.9.0) to dpl is coming soon, and we would like you to help us ensure a smooth transition by testing it before the public release.

This will affect all our users, on https://travis-ci.org, https://travis-ci.com, and all the Travis Enterprise customers.

What’s new?

The new version 1.9.0 will introduce following breaking changes:

  1. It requires Ruby 2.2 or later
  2. Drops support for Appfog

Ruby 2.2 is required

The requirement of Ruby 2.2 may sound scary for those using older versions of Ruby for builds. Please rest assured that this is not a concern, because we use a version of Ruby pre-installed on the build image to ensure that the deployment is carried out correctly. This version is already Ruby 2.2 on our hosted services and newer Travis Enterprise releases.

In the rare cases where the deployment is carried out with Ruby 1.9 for whatever reason, we choose dpl 1.8.x to deploy.

One case where a complication may arise is older Travis Enterprise releases, where we fail to specify dpl 1.8.x when the deployment uses Ruby 1.9. If this applies to you, please test deployment as shown below, and please get in touch with us at enterprise@travis-ci.com if you encounter problems.

Additional changes

In addition, dpl 1.9.0 splits each deployment provider code into separate gems. This allows for more focused deployment approaches, where one deployment provider’s requirement is not affected by another’s.

The Chef Supermarket provider, for example, can now use version 13.8.0, whereas dpl 1.8.47 used chef 11.18.12 (due to dependency resolution unrelated to it).

Testing dpl 1.9.0 before the release

To use the pre-release version of dpl, add the following to your existing deployment configuration:

  edge: true

If you are already using deploy.edge: true, you may have experienced deployment difficulties over the last week or so. We apologize for the unexpected difficulties. We also thank you for reporting the issues, and continue working on addressing them as they come in. (Many have been already addressed, so if you encountered a problem last week, please try restarting the builds.)

Release schedule

Barring major issues, dpl 1.9.0 will be released on March 8, 2018.

As always, please report issues to our GitHub repository, including a link to your build log. You can also email us at support@travis-ci.com.

Thank you!