Travis CI Community Survey Results 2018 - Part 1 of 3

We’re delighted to share the insights from the Travis CI Community Survey launched at the end of last year. We’ve been so eager to learn from you and share the results to help us all better understand the community that makes up Travis CI.

In total, we have received almost 900 responses! To break it down:

  • 440 use Travis CI in open source projects (whereas 56% also test private projects)
  • 295 mainly test private projects
  • 10 represent large enterprises testing on-prem with Travis CI Enterprise
  • 60 are students on Travis CI Education
  • 30 are not using Travis CI
  • 30 don’t have experience with CI at all

Let’s dive into the detailed results.

Who makes up our community?

That’s you! Thank you, especially if you took the time to answer the survey and helped us gain more insight into how you use Travis CI. But who are you?

You, your role, your languages.

There’s a good chance you’re either a full-stack developer (40%) or a back-end developer (26%). The remaining responses are all varied fairly equally, and the chart below shows this in more detail.


What’s your programming language of choice? JavaScript and Python take the lion’s share with 61% and 45% respectively. Java comes in as third most used, at 30%. PHP, C++, Ruby, C, and Go were also well represented, used by approximately 20% of respondents.


What platforms do you write software for? Linux reigns supreme (almost 70%!), but web and macOS put in respectable numbers close to each other too, just shy of the halfway mark. With the recent launch of Windows support, we’re excited to be helping the 30% of you that develop for it.


What kind of projects do you integrate with Travis CI? Over three quarters (75.9%) said open source repositories and just over half said private repositories. About 10% are in education (and hopefully continuing after)! When it came to your primary use, the numbers were slightly different: about 54% said open source, 37% said primarily private projects on hosted platforms and the rest were a mix between on-premises and educational.

How does Travis CI integrate with your work?

About 90% of you have embraced continuous integration and delivery wholeheartedly, considering it crucial to your processes. Around half use Travis CI to deploy as well, somewhat more on private repositories (63.3%), somewhat less on open source (45%).

This tells us how important it is to you all to have CI as part of your process. Continuous Integration has become a necessity, it’s an approach that reduces integration problems and allows your team to develop great software more rapidly.

How did you learn about Travis CI?

The community is a big part of how you find out about Travis CI - about half of everyone testing open source projects learned about it from the community. Our free option is also mentioned as a highlight, and supporting open source is something we take a great deal of pride in. After all, it’s thanks to the open source community that we exist!

Most of you that are testing private projects now, first learned about Travis CI from open source projects.

Next week: deployment targets.

We’ve learned so much, it does not fit into one post. Look out for the second part of this blog post with insights into the Travis CI community, in particular, what deployment targets are most popular, how you look up information when you run into an issue and more on UI/UX.

Also, congratulations to flammie for winning the raffle prize - a Sonos One smart speaker!

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