Xcode 11 images available!

Xcode 11 images available!

Hey everyone! We would like to share with you that all Xcode 11 builds released by Apple up to now are available as build environments!

Between beta and GM updates six versions were released and we saved the most recent to you, get them while they’re hot! You can run your tests on Xcode 11.0 (11A420a), Xcode 11.1 (11A1027) and Xcode 11.2 beta (11B41).

Xcode 11.2 beta

This version added support for configuring WKInterfaceAuthorizationAppleIDButton styles and fixed crashes with xcodebuild, iOS/tvOS projects and more, further information on Xcode 11.2 release notes

To check it right now, add this to your .travis.yml

os_image: xcode11.2

Xcode 11.1

This version fixes some bugs like CarPlay not working on iOS 13.1 simulators and so on.

Please refer to the Xcode 11.1 release notes for more information.

Or just add the following to your .travis.yml

os_image: xcode11.1

Xcode 11.0

Head to Apple’s Xcode 11 release notes to learn more.

You know the drill :) .travis.yml:

os_image: xcode11

Updated Xcode Tools:

  • Carthage 0.33.0
  • CocoaPods 1.7.5
  • fastlane 4.4.6

All three xcode images, Xcode 11.0, Xcode 11.1 and Xcode 11.2, have Ruby 2.6.4 installed with rvm.

Check the supported Xcode versions on our documentation

If there are any packages you’d like to see added to our macOS images, please create a post on our forum.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the new images, please email support@travis-ci.com.

Happy building!