AWS Graviton2 support comes to Travis CI

We’re excited to announce that an upcoming addition to the Travis CI family of multi-architecture support will be the AWS Graviton2 processor!

We’ve been working closely with AWS in order to put together working test platforms that build with the AWS Graviton2 processor in an Arm64 environment. We’re really thrilled to say that our awesome developers have completed some preliminary work to get this up and running on our internal testing platforms and it looks amazing!

Thanks to this partnership, Arm-based builds using the AWS Graviton2 processor will be coming to a configuration file near you soon!

What is AWS Graviton?

Graviton processors are built in-house by AWS using 64 bit Arm Neoverse cores, offering exceptional price and performance running on Amazon EC2. The first AWS Graviton processors were the first Arm-based instances to run on AWS, and the Graviton2 processor builds upon this success with increases in performance and capability.

Graviton2 offers amazing performance for a wide range of workloads and requirements including databases, video encoding and machine learning to name but a few.

In real terms, this means using the Graviton2 processor for your Arm-based projects will give you the speed and flexibility to build a multitude of projects that you have come to expect using Travis in your build workflow.

Availability timescales

Our team is currently working non-stop to get this amazing new feature out to you to test and start building with - we’re sure you’re going to love it! Make sure to stay tuned here for more updates as we approach go-live!

You can read more about the AWS Graviton2 Processor here