Hello, World

puts "Hello, world!"

I think that’s required for first blog posts on technical topics.

Now that that’s out of the way

Welcome to the first post on the Travis blog! Hopefully we’ll end up having a bunch of great content for you here.

We? Who’s this ‘we’?

Me, of course. Duh. Specifically? I’m Steve Klabnik. I’m heading up the Travis documentation. But this entire website is on GitHub, so if you were so inclined, ‘we’ could also mean ‘you!’

Got a new fun project on Travis? Have you recently added some fun code, or found a new feature useful? Write a post! It’s good for you!

Why you should read this blog

I’ll also be trying to make posts roughly once a week letting you know what’s new in the world of Travis. We’ve got a bunch of contributors, and lots of exciting stuff going on, so it’s hard to keep up! Just check out this blog, it’s much easier than reading the commit list. ;)

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