Travis Beginner Cookbooks

We’ve been hard at work collaborating on a new set of instructions to help you grow as a new developer! We understand that not everyone knows what cookbooks are and how to use them to improve your build. We wanted to help facilitate that journey for you and build our own instructional manuals! We know how much you’ve loved our other instructions videos and documentation so this felt like the perfect next step!

Infrastructure as code is an important piece of the SDLC as Joao Miranda put’s it in his article on InfoQ “Infrastructure as Code” is a tenet of the DevOps community. It might even be called revolutionary if you can remember the days when virtual machines were a novel thing and physical hardware was the norm. But treating Infrastructure as Code is a tall order.

We completely agree! As a new developer, this can be a daunting task. As there are many things to keep in mind when creating your own set of configurations and policy distribution such as:

  • Making sure your server configuration packages are installed and relationships with other servers are all properly modelled with code
  • Understanding that your code is able to be automated and have consistent outcomes
  • Getting rid of manual steps and identifying areas that could be prone to errors

Over the next few months, we’ll help you and your team grow a better understanding of how to improve your project using our cookbook guides.

We’ll be doing three levels of cookbooks for you. This means from the budding developer to the experienced one we’ll have something you can sink your teeth into. Whether you’re refreshing your knowledge or starting from scratch. We can’t wait to see what you think!

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